Unlocking opportunities
in the forest products sector

As an independent advisory firm, Kauri Capital brings together a combination of expertise and experience in Strategy, M&A and Corporate Finance to the forestry, forest products, pulp, paper and packaging and renewable energy industries.

Heralded as a thought leader in the global forest products industry, Kauri Capital delivers independent advice that enhances our Client’s business while creating well considered investment opportunities.

Our goal is to earn the long-term respect and trust of our Clients through the quality of our work.


Objectivity and Independence
are cornerstones of our success

We believe objectivity and independence are the factors that differentiate us from others. Objectivity means that if it is not the right deal our advice will be not to do it. Independence means we only have your interests in mind.

With broad experience in managing global investment projects, our perspectives have become a key part in many decision-making processes, providing a depth of insight that focuses on benefiting Clients for the long-term.


Our Services Include


Because Experience Matters

Kauri Capital was founded in 2010, and is led by advisory professional David Walker. With global working experience, and solid financial and strategic analysis skills, he has been advising Clients in the forest products sector for over 30 years.

With a strong network of global partners, David Walker is a trusted and established advisory professional with a strong network of global business relationships. David’s work experience covers Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and South America, and his group of associates extends the global footprint of the Company, while guaranteeing the same confidential, independent and objective service.

Prior to founding Kauri Capital in 2010,
David’s experience included:

18 years with various positions in the Poyry Group, the World’s leading forest industry consulting and engineering specialist, including President of Asia-Pacific, President of Global Consulting and Chairman of the global corporate finance group Poyry Capital.

4 years with Macquarie Capital, as Managing Director responsible for the Global Forest Products Investment Banking Practice.

4 years with Kansallis-Osake-Pankki (now Nordea) in the International Banking and Corporate Finance Group focused on Forest Products.


A testament to
our accomplishments

Our Clients range from business managers and owners to financiers and investors. All are focused on creating value and they engage Kauri Capital to advise on how best to achieve it.


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My value is connecting Clients to the right opportunities around the world and then working with them to achieve their goal.

—— David Walker

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